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South Kitsap (0-12-0)
South Kitsap Roster
# Player School Year Notes
30 Shawn Brookins South Kitsap Sr  
44 Daniel Clark South Kitsap Sr  
7 Gary Fine Bremerton Sr  
26 Jacob Haugan South Kitsap Soph  
99 Bradley Hildebrand Cedar Heights JH Fr  
8 Jordan Kaufman South Kitsap Sr  
20 Elijah Kendziora South Kitsap Soph  
4 Collin Lee South Kitsap Jr  
11 Luke Lee South Kitsap Sr  
52 Sarah Lundy South Kitsap Jr  
25 Tristan Martin South Kitsap Sr  
40 Liam O'Brien South Kitsap Sr  
9 Tristan Pallarco Bremerton Sr  
10 Cayden Robb Cedar Heights JH Fr  
5 Clarence Robb South Kitsap Sr  
15 Alex Scott South Kitsap Soph  
16 Gavin Soper South Kitsap Soph  
22 John Stephens South Kitsap Soph  
24 Chandler Summit  
21 Brian Tinner Cedar Heights JH Fr  
12 Chris Ultican South Kitsap Sr  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Loss (1 - 19) vs Vashon View
Date: 5/13/2014 5:00p
Location: Sedgwick Jr. High
No league summary available
Away Notes:
South Kitsap played the entire game with hustle and hard charging energy. Kuddos to Kitsap for the effort they put forth.
Vashon's younger players had an opportunity to start and to play most of the game, and they made the most of their playing time.


Vashon record: 9-3-0
South Kitsap record against Vashon: 0-1-0

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