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Tahoma (12-0-0)
Tahoma Roster
# Player School Year Notes
3 Dakoda Barger Tahoma 2015  
18 Dominick Barger Tahoma 2017  
22 Trent Bucy Tahoma 2015  
2 Kevin Clark Tahoma 2015  
26 Kyle Dige Tahoma 2014  
7 Joe Donahue Tahoma 2014   (c)
5 Brandon Gormley Tahoma 2015  
10 Justin Gormley Tahoma 2016  
4 Nate Gowdey Tahoma 2016  
6 Macen Granlund Tahoma 2016  
28 Jacob Harkins Tahoma 2015  
21 Chad Hedlund Kentwood 2014   (c)
1 Dustin Hendrix Tahoma 2015  
20 Keegan Irby Tahoma 2015  
12 Jacob Kutch Tahoma 2015  
16 Trevor Larsen Tahoma 2016  
14 Chris Lovre Tahoma 2015  
15 Brenan Lundquist Tahoma 2014  
8 Jordan Marbet Tahoma 2015  
25 Nick Palandri Tahoma 2015  
27 Wyatt Philpot Tahoma 2016  
24 Eli Prychodzen Tahoma 2017  
23 Brayden Sauerbier Tahoma 2014  
9 Brody Sullivan Tahoma 2015   (c)
13 Keegan Sullivan Tahoma 2017  
19 Hudson Taylor Tahoma 2015  
11 Matty Taylor Tahoma 2017  
17 Tyce Vu Tahoma 2016  
29 Josin Williams Tahoma 2014  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (8 - 9) vs Issaquah View
Date: 5/28/2014 7:00p
Location: Maple View MS
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Home Notes:

Score 1 2 3 4 F
Issaquah 2 0 3 4 9
Tahoma 2 2 2 2 8
Away Notes:
Issaquah 2-0-3-4- 9
Tahoma 2-2-2-2- 8

What a great one this turned out to be... playoff lacrosse for sure and heart attack city for Issaquah.

Mikey Giannopulos won the opening face off and score just 10 seconds in to put Issaquah up right away. Tahoma was far from discouraged and despite giving up a second one to Giannopulos in the quarter, far outplayed Issaquah. On the defensive end Tahoma pressure well and kept Issaquah to short one shot possession or turnovers. On the offensive end the Bears were patient and began converting chances.

The 2nd quarter was more of the same, though Tahoma keeper kept the door close and Tahoma converted some man-up chances to take a 4-2 lead at half.

Issaquah didn't seem too rattled, nor seemed to have any urgency to start the second half and maybe they should have. Tahoma jumped all over the opportunity as Dakoda Barger rolled inside to finish. They followed with another man-up conversion and all of the sudden midway through the 3rd quarter upset city was in the works, 6-2 Tahoma. Ryan Egland swung the momentum with a wraparound on an unsettled situation as Issaquah appeared to be subbing. It was the spark they needed. Moments later Matt Thomas rifled a pass through the seem to find Zach Fritz at the back post for a redirect. Then in stepped Jake Lindahl. Seldom used in the first half, Lindahl became the x-factor has he began unloading. He got his first to close the third and pull Issaquah within one.

Matt Thomas kept flying around and ripped one top shelf to open the 4th - tie ball game! This time Tahoma had an answer as Issaquah found itself man-down yet again. Issaquah failed to rotate and Tahoma converted its 3rd man-up goal of the game to retake the lead. But, Jake Lindahl wasn't done. He ripped one off a feed from Zach Fritz. Soon after, Ryan Egland pushed from x, skipped a pass to Lindahl and he ripped the net again! Issaquah had taken it's first lead since being up 1-0 and they weren't done. This time Matt Thomas initiated. He was pushed well wide but he skipped a pass through the seem to Lindahl back side. This time Lindahl face dodged to get a bit closer - same result as he pinged the net again. Lindahl had rattled off 4 goals on 5 shots in just under a 8 minute stretch to put Issaquah up 9-7.

Mikey Giannopulos had dominated the faceoffs all night and he continued to do so giving Issaquah possession again. Issaquah missed a couple chances to extend it and clock dropped below 2 min so Issaquah looked to stall. The killed nearly a minute before Tahoma pressed and went the other way. Dakoda Barger pulled the same move again, initiating down the alley before rolling back inside to pull Tahoma back to one down. Giannopulos won the faceoff again and this time was tripped. Issaquah killed most of the time but inexplicably lost the ball again with near 20 seconds left... a mad scramble ensued capped but a Fritz groundball to shot on an open net that bounced over. Ball was awarded to Tahoma with just 1 second left enough time had run in the scramble to preserve the huge comeback win for Issaquah as they head back to the finals - the programs 5th time in just 10 years at the Division I level.

Issaquah record: 11-1-0
Tahoma record against Issaquah:

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