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Bellevue (11-1-0)
Bellevue Roster
# Player School Year Notes
55 Jack Albrecht Bellevue Sophomore  
23 Campbell Alexieff Bellevue Junior  
17 Justin Angelel Bellevue Freshman  
22 Hank Bethke Bellevue Senior  
44 Joe Bethke Bellevue Sophomore  
29 Chase Birkeland Bellevue Sophomore  
39 Andrew Blasko  
2 Chris Callison Bellevue Junior  
24 Cole Cansler Bellevue Senior  
18 Andrew Choe International Sophomore  
12 Ryan Eastes Bellevue Senior  
11 Ryan Eskenazy Bellevue Senior  
5 Augie Fratt Bellevue Freshman  
8 Riley Gulrajani Bellevue Senior  
4 Eric Haehl Bellevue Senior  
19 Nick Hutson Chrysalis Senior  
16 Mitchell Lee Bellevue Sophomore  
3 Will Lundgren Bellevue Junior  
21 Connor Maloney  
13 Bradley Medeiros Bellevue Senior  
9 Chris Medzegian Bellevue Senior  
25 Michael Medzegian Bellevue Sophomore  
10 Garrett Moffatt Bellevue Senior  
14 Jason Monahan Bellevue Senior  
99 Michael Moran  
1 Dylan Nelson Bellevue Freshman  
7 Tate Nordstrom Bellevue Junior  
28 Thomas Penner  
27 Evan Phillips  
6 James Zervas Bellevue Senior  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Win (8 - 0) at Issaquah View
Date: 5/31/2014 6:00p
Location: Memorial Stadium
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Home Notes:
Bellevue 1-2-1-4- 8
Issaquah 0-0-0-0- 0

A tough end to a great season but Bellevue proved itself as the better. Defensively they showed their taming of Eastside Catholic's offense in the semis was no fluke. This was the first shutout in state finals history and the first time Issaquah has been shutout in program history.

Unfortunately the tough loss overshadowed one the best finals performances in net as Jordan Dondoyano made several point blank saves and kept Issaquah in the ball game all the way til the 4th quarter.

The first quarter was an entertaining one as both teams played very well. Both teams had chances, both keepers made saves and unfortunately Issaquah hit a pipe instead of breaking the ice early.

Bellevue methodically capitalized on a few Issaquah mistakes to widen the gap enough that by the 4th quarter it was too much to overcome. Bellevue had the lead and the energy to turn up the defensive pressure and Issaquah's offense had no answers. Issaquah played too much defense throughout the game to sustain any pressure of their own in the 4th and Bellevue walked away to another championship.

Issaquah record: 11-1-0
Bellevue record against Issaquah: 0-1-0

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