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Recent Notices
Date Notice
4/11/2018 Level 1 & 2 Coaches Certification 4/28 & 4/29
4/11/2018 TO REGISTER:
4/23/2018 Location - Lakewood - The Rinks
7/16/2018 PHOTO DAY - Sunday, July 22nd

Recent/Upcoming Schedule
Date Time   Gm Teams   Location
Sat 7/21/2018 4:30p   81 (Pra) Lil Kings(8) (Black) and DRAGONS(3) (Purple) Ice Station - Pond
4:30p   82 (Pra) GREEN MACHINE(5) (Green) and FIREBALLS(2) (Red) Olympic
4:30p   83 (Pra) BLUE NINJAS(7) (Navy) and EAGLES(1) (White) Olympic
4:30p   84 (Pra) BRONCOS(4) (Gold) and ORANGE BULLETS(6) (Orange) Olympic
Sun 7/22/2018 8:30a   85 EAGLES(1) (White) at BRONCOS(4) (Gold) Ice Station - Pond
10:00a   86 BLUE NINJAS(7) (Navy) at Lil Kings(8) (Black) Ice Station - Pond
3:15p   87 ORANGE BULLETS(6) (Orange) at FIREBALLS(2) (Red) Ice Station - Pond
4:45p   88 DRAGONS(3) (Purple) at GREEN MACHINE(5) (Green) Ice Station - Pond
Sat 7/28/2018 4:30p   89 (Pra) BLUE NINJAS(7) (Navy) and FIREBALLS(2) (Red) Ice Station - Pond
4:30p   90 (Pra) BRONCOS(4) (Gold) and Lil Kings(8) (Black) Olympic
4:30p   91 (Pra) ORANGE BULLETS(6) (Orange) and EAGLES(1) (White) Olympic
4:30p   92 (Pra) DRAGONS(3) (Purple) and GREEN MACHINE(5) (Green) Olympic
Sun 7/29/2018 8:30a   93 GREEN MACHINE(5) (Green) at ORANGE BULLETS(6) (Orange) Ice Station - Pond
10:00a   94 Lil Kings(8) (Black) at BLUE NINJAS(7) (Navy) Ice Station - Pond
3:15p   95 DRAGONS(3) (Purple) at EAGLES(1) (White) Ice Station - Pond
4:45p   96 BRONCOS(4) (Gold) at FIREBALLS(2) (Red) Ice Station - Pond
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