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Recent Notices
Date Notice
4/5/2017 Ice Station Closed Easter Sunday 4/16
4/5/2017 USA Hockey Coaching Clinic - May 6th

Recent/Upcoming Schedule
Date Time   Gm Teams   Location
Sat 4/15/2017 4:30p   25 (Pra) TEAM 1(Blue) and DESTROYERS(6)(White) Olympic
4:30p   26 (Pra) RAPTORS(2)(Green) and GOLDEN WOLVES(5)(Gold) Olympic
4:30p   27 (Pra) THE SNIPERS(3)(Maroon) and ORANGE KNIGHTS(4)(Orange) Olympic
Sat 4/22/2017 4:30p   28 (Pra) TEAM 1(Blue) and ORANGE KNIGHTS(4)(Orange) Olympic
4:30p   29 (Pra) DESTROYERS(6)(White) and GOLDEN WOLVES(5)(Gold) Olympic
4:30p   30 (Pra) RAPTORS(2)(Green) and THE SNIPERS(3)(Maroon) Olympic
Today is April 23, 2017
Sun 4/23/2017 1:45p   31 TEAM 1(Blue) at ORANGE KNIGHTS(4)(Orange) Ice Station - Pond
3:15p   32 THE SNIPERS(3)(Maroon) at RAPTORS(2)(Green) Ice Station - Pond
4:45p   33 DESTROYERS(6)(White) at GOLDEN WOLVES(5)(Gold) Ice Station - Pond
Sat 4/29/2017 4:30p   34 (Pra) RAPTORS(2)(Green) and DESTROYERS(6)(White) Olympic
4:30p   35 (Pra) THE SNIPERS(3)(Maroon) and TEAM 1(Blue) Olympic
4:30p   36 (Pra) GOLDEN WOLVES(5)(Gold) and ORANGE KNIGHTS(4)(Orange) Olympic
Sun 4/30/2017 10:00a   37 RAPTORS(2)(Green) at ORANGE KNIGHTS(4)(Orange) Ice Station - Pond
1:45p   38 DESTROYERS(6)(White) at THE SNIPERS(3)(Maroon) Ice Station - Pond
3:15p   39 GOLDEN WOLVES(5)(Gold) at TEAM 1(Blue) Ice Station - Pond
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