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EAGLES (2-18-0)
# Player Notes
3 Megan Coles pd  
Gregg Ginsburg pd  
4 James Haight pd  
32 Declan Hilliard(G) pd  
23 Andrew Holmes pd  
14 Gary Hughes(Team Rep) ($225 due)  
68 Heidi Jeffrey($187.50 due)  
98 Raffi Kajberouni pd  
7 Scott Klein pd  
29 Brandon Oke pd  
10 Brady Pfeifer($222.50 due)  
16 Sophie Pitsch pd  
27 Mike Walker pd  
33 Jerry Warren pd  
51 Erin Wheeler(SUB) (7/25)  
9 Chad Wheeler(SUB)(7/25)  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Loss (3 - 15) vs AEROS View
Date: 8/7/2019 8:30p
Location: Olympic
No league summary available

AEROS record: 18-2-0
EAGLES record against AEROS: 0-5-0

Next Game
Sorry, no more games scheduled

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