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Reds (5-9-0)
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Jake A  
Hayes C  
Roman D  
Andre D  
Jack E  
Alexander F  
Jasper L  
Kelly R  
Cruz R  
Rasselas R  
Satchel R  
Charlie W  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Here comes Spring 2019 Baseball!
Last Updated: 2/3/2019
Greetings NOLL Majors REDS players and families!

Practices will be starting in mid-February, and games toward the end of the month. New info will be posted as soon as the league provides it.

Preparing for the season:

Getting in baseball shape:
THROWING/CATCHING: Play some relaxed catch, or throw a tennis ball against a concrete wall.
HITTING: If you have a bat, and can swing it somewhere spacious and safe, swing away! 5 minutes a day of hitting an imaginary ball with a big, whole-body swing will help loosen up and strengthen the many muscles involved in a good, powerful swing! Hitting a pickle-ball hanging on a string, or hitting off a tee is helpful -- even if you can't see the ball soaring into the bleachers!
BUILDING YOUR BASE/LEGS: Do some slow 'lunges', crunches, or wall-sits. Try to mix in some 'burpees'/shoot-the-cannons, or maybe some jump-rope! Do some SLOW push-ups in sets of ten. Go to a field, and run some slow-fast-slow 'build-up windsprints'. -- We're going to be very active on the bases this Spring!

Players will need to supply their own batting helmets, ballgloves, grey baseball pants (no pinstripes!), and athletic 'cups'. 'Sliding pants'/baseball underwear are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! They often have little pockets for cups, and they have padding that really helps protect the hips when players slide!

I will obtain a team set of red belts & socks, and provide them at cost to each player's family.

The league supplies us with bats, baseballs, or other equipment for practices and games.

--Head coach Chris Weidenbach

Last Game
Playoff Loss (4 - 12) at Red Sox View
Date: 5/23/2019 5:30p
Location: GoldenGateAcad (No Sat games)
No league summary available

Red Sox record: 5-7-1
Reds record against Red Sox: 0-1-0

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Sorry, no more games scheduled

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