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Lugnuts (8-3-2)
Lugnuts Roster
# Player Notes
12 Nate C  
5 Cody H  
15 Zachary H  
13 Liam K  
10 Nicholas L  
11 Hudson L  
7 Christopher M  
9 Franco M  
8 Henry O  
2 Mitchell P  
3 Reid S  
6 Tobias W  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (5 - 6) vs Rattlers View
Date: 5/24/2019 5:30p
Location: Chabot
League Summary:
Winner L
Winner M
Away Notes:
Makoto Wolff started his last batter at 49 pitches.
Ryan Stahlhut started his last batter at 63 pitches.

Umpires were very young and the strike zone was very, very low.

Rattlers record: 8-5-0
Lugnuts record against Rattlers: 1-0-0

Next Game
Sorry, no more games scheduled

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