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Two Phils (8-1-1)
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Lorenzo B  
Zev B  
Rieth C  
Matt D  
Alex G  
Sammy H  
Will H  
Chase H  
Tyson H  
Jake L  
Josiah R  
Hugh V  

Team Contact Information
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Intro and what to expect - Coach Lang
Last Updated: 5/30/2018
As this is my first time coaching in this league, I've been told this league is about game play. I'm happy to work with NOLL/SOLL folks to get fields for a few practices if that's what the players want to do. Believe me, I'm happy to throw BP and hit grounders until the cows come home.

Game approach/style: Aggressive in all that we do. I want the players looking to swing it, eager to take an extra base and put pressure on the defense, and to not be afraid to make a great play in the field. To compete on an inning-by-inning basis. Win the inning. The only mandatories are full effort, to think about each situation and the right play, and a positive attitude between the lines. Running on and off the field, running out ground balls, backing up throws, and picking up teammates. Effort will be rewarded.

We will go with a standard, 9-man lineup. We will not bat the full roster. Everyone will play, and play a lot. Everyone will get plenty of ABs...I just don't think anyone gets very much out of getting 2 ABs in a game.

As much as possible, I want the players involved in every aspect of the game. Keeping book, shagging fouls, helping pitchers get warmed up, etc.

We are going to have fun. Winning is fun, so we'll do our best to win while having a good time at the field.

A little about me: Minnesota native. Played catcher in college. High energy guy on the field. I'm very excited to spend some quality time on the diamond and have a bunch of fun helping your kids kid a little better every day.

Please feel free to call me with any questions - 415.722.7421

Coach Lang

Last Game
Win (6 - 1) at Ps and Qs View
Date: 6/24/2018 2:00p
Location: Rickey Henderson
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Ps and Qs record: 2-7-2
Two Phils record against Ps and Qs: 4-0-1

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