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Outlaws (12-0-0)
Outlaws Roster
# Player Notes
69 Paul Berger  
39 Whitney Bruemmer  
17 Louis Cerino   (c)
3 Keith Cottom   (c)
25 Adam Culbertson  
6 Rob Foster  
20 JP Fragola  
77 Matt Kruszewski  
7 Matthew Lehman  
19 William Mahon  
55 Bennett Murphy  
26 Brendan Murtagh  
49 Daniel Recine  
90 Travis Sandin  
23 Peter Sayia  
22 Kacy Small  
15 Evan Swiker  
87 Alex Turner  
41 Greg Wheaton  
5 Daniel Williams  
89 Tim Williams  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (12 - 13) at Black Storm View
Date: 8/28/2017 7:30p
Location: Rizzo Rink
League Summary:
At the end of the game...a scrum rrsulting from a thrown stick from the Blac Storm goalie and #1 Troy Becker from Black Storm removed his head gear and used it to hit Outlaw playets in the back and ribs.

Black Storm record: 9-3-0
Outlaws record against Black Storm: 2-0-0

Next Game
Sorry, no more games scheduled

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