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Emerald Ridge-Puyallup (9-3-0)
Emerald Ridge-Puyallup Roster
# Player School Year Notes
14 Gideon Awai Emerald Ridge Sophomore  
15 Kyle Benning Rogers Sophomore  
28 Matthew Booth Bethel Sophomore  
7 Adam Brands Glacier View Jr. High Freshman  
39 Zane Brown Kalles Jr. High Freshman  
51 Baylor Campbell Homeschool Freshman  
18 Dawson Cory Emerald Ridge Sophomore  
6 Casey Cramer Aylen Jr. High Freshman  
16 Ajay Culver Rogers Sophomore  
34 Jacob Delavergne Glacier View Jr. High Freshman  
12 Devin Ehli Emerald Ridge Senior  
21 Tyler Ferguson Puyallup Senior   (c)
5 Michael Flores Graham Kapowsin Junior  
33 Gage Hansen Graham Kapowsin Freshman  
23 Hunter Hansen Graham Kapowsin Senior  
27 Waipa Hoopii Emerald Ridge Sophomore  
11 Devon Jack Emerald Ridge Senior  
10 Kyle Jasaitis Emerald Ridge Sophomore  
9 August Lambrecht Eatonville Senior  
3 Hassan Mackey Bethel Sophomore  
35 Hunter March Glacier View Jr. High Freshman  
22 Luke McBroom Emerald Ridge Sophomore  
45 Marcus Mosley Emerald Ridge Senior  
2 Gerrick Mundt Emerald Ridge Sophomore  
4 Brandon Seachriest Rogers Senior   (c)
20 Nathan Seachriest Stahl Jr. High Freshman  
19 Levi Sweem Glacier View Jr. High Freshman  
49 Adam Taylor Stahl Jr. High Freshman  
24 Ryan Tissue Emerald Ridge Senior  
17 Zach Vincent Bates Technical College Junior   (c)
50 Evan Wells Graham Kapowsin Senior  
8 Quinn Zilly Glacier View Jr. High Freshman  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (1 - 17) at Issaquah View
Date: 5/22/2014 7:00p
Location: Issaquah HS
No league summary available
Home Notes:
ER-Puyallup 1-0-0-0- 1
Issaquah 5-6-1-5- 17

Issaquah took a bit to adjust to the zone Emerald Ridge-Puyallup opened in, but broke through and jumped to a 5-0 lead.

Mikey Giannopulos won 16 face-offs as Issaquah dominated possession and outside of a lull finishing in the 3rd quarter cruised to the Quarterfinal win.

Issaquah record: 11-1-0
Emerald Ridge-Puyallup record against Issaquah:

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