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A's (6-7-1)
A's Roster
# Player Notes
Adriana B  
Ayriannah B  
Alicia H  
Rachel I  
Hayley K  
Corrine M  
Allie N  
Mari O  
Jayde P  
Molly W  
Rilee W  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

April 5 Update
Last Updated: 4/22/2012
Last 3 Games Summary
Offense and Defense: We managed to outscore our opponents 33 to 11 in three games, 3 double plays, 22 Ks, and allowing only 9 hits total. Our hitters are improving at the plate with Good Pitch Selection and Patience. 29 Walks, 25 Hits, Strike Outs @ 8(vs Cards) -5 (vs Reds)-2 (vs Giants).
Notable Game Stats: (On Base Percentage); Mari 100%, 7 Runs, 6 BB, 1 FC; Halley 88%, 8 BB in 9 Plate Appearances; Corrine - 75%, 5 BB, 1 Hit in 8 Plate Appearances
Defense: Allie Catcher 12 innings; Adriana Pitcher 12 innings, Catcher 6 innings; Rachel and Rilee for completing their Innings pitch; Jayde Not allowing runners extra bases from the outfield.
Player of The Game:
vs Reds: Ayrianna Double with 2 RBIs, Inning Saving Catch @ Rover
vs Giants: Alicia 4 for 5 Hitting
** Special Thanks to Parents Support: Field Prep and Fence Maintenance

Last Game
Playoff Win (4 - 2) vs Giants View
Date: 5/29/2012 5:30p
Location: Pleasant Oaks #3
League Summary:
game 8

Giants record: 2-11-1
A's record against Giants: 2-0-0

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