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North Kitsap (4-8-0)
North Kitsap Roster
# Player School Year Notes
8 Nick Brown North Kitsap Freshman Freshman 
19 Chandler Knight North Kitsap Sophomore Sophmore 
28 Erik Beatty North Kitsap Senior Senior 
5 Joshua Byrnes Kingston Freshman Freshman 
7 Sawyer Chapman North Kitsap Freshman Freshman 
16 Austin Elliott North Kitsap Junior Junior 
3 Keyton Fairchild Kingston Junior Junior 
18 Aaron Hack North Kitsap Senior Senior 
10 Duncan Hack North Kitsap Senior Senior 
30 Tyler Jones North Kitsap Senior Senior 
4 Tim Keller North Kitsap Junior Junior 
23 Nicholas Lengenberg North Kitsap Junior Junior 
12 Walker McCabe North Kitsap Senior Senior 
14 Thomas McChesney North Kitsap Freshman Freshman 
20 Ben McWithey North Kitsap Sophomore Sophmore 
25 Zachary Parker North Kitsap Junior Junior 
26 Ryan Perez North Kitsap Senior Senior 
2 Andy Phelps North Kitsap Junior Junior 
15 Kory Qvigstad North Kitsap Junior Junior 
21 Colter Smith North Kitsap Senior Senior 
22 Nick Stevens Kingston Senior Senior 
11 Devin Taylor North Kitsap Senior Senior 
24 Kace Ugles North Kitsap Senior Senior 
13 Beau Walters North Kitsap Senior Senior 
6 Landen Young North Kitsap Junior Junior 

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (3 - 18) at Seattle Prep View
Date: 5/11/2012 7:15p
Location: Lower Woodland #7
No league summary available
Home Notes:
North Kitsap: 1-0-1-1
Seattle Prep: 6-6-4-2

Seattle Prep record: 13-2-0
North Kitsap record against Seattle Prep:

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