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Lake Washington (8-6-0)
Lake Washington Roster
# Player School Year Notes
6 Ben Anderson Lake Washington HS Junior  
4 Cody Bernstein Lake Washington HS Senior  
13 Reily Blackner Lake Washington HS Senior  
15 Carson Brown Lake Washington HS Junior  
26 James Edwards Lake Washington HS Sophmore  
10 Jonah Friedl International Community School Senior  
21 Nathan Gouin Lake Washington HS Junior  
7 Zach Holle Lake Washington HS Junior  
9 Tad Iba Lake Washington HS Senior  
1 Oscar Johansson Lake Washington HS Sophmore  
20 Jack Keaney Lake Washington HS Sophmore  
27 Coulter Loft International Community School Sophmore  
30 Jason McLean Kamiakin Jr HS Freshman  
25 Spencer Mueller Kirkland JHS Freshman  
14 Zachary Oelsner Lake Washington HS Junior  
24 Stephen Peppes Juanita HS Junior  
18 Elliot Phillips Kirkland Junior Freshman  
5 Ben Pliska Lake Washington HS Senior  
16 Sam Pliska Lake Washington HS Sophmore  
17 Reese Radke Juanita HS Sophmore  
8 Cooper Ramstead Juanita HS Senior  
12 Drew Roberts Lake Washington HS Junior  
23 Hank Schmale Lake Washington HS Sophmore  
11 Austin Stout Lake Washington HS Junior  
22 Tyler Watkins Lake Washington HS Senior  
2 James Whitfield Lake Washington HS Sophmore  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (9 - 10) at Bainbridge View
Date: 5/16/2012 7:00p
Location: Bainbridge HS
No league summary available
Away Notes:
LW 1-4-1-3 9
Bainbridge 0-3-3-4 10

For LW, a season that opened with a one point win over Bainbridge ended tonight with a one point loss in an evenly matched, hard fought, sportsmanlike game. Thank you LW seniors; you will be missed. Congratulations Bainbridge. See you next year.

LW: Hank Schmale 5g, 1gb, Cody Bernstein 3g, 1a, 7gb, Jonah Friedl, 2gb, 11 saves

Bainbridge record: 9-5-0
Lake Washington record against Bainbridge: 1-0-0

Next Game
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