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Crease Monkeys B (6-5-0)
Crease Monkeys B Roster
# Player Notes
3 Mike Beckman  
27 Kristian Brekke  
17 Mike Buckley  
8 Nate Byrd  
2 Eric Daughtry  
25 BBQ Edwards  
70 Skippy Egan  
11 Adam Foster  
98 Gary Gibb  
6 Jason Goodman  
22 Tobin Graves  
88 Joe Kane  
16 Nate Lazenga  
26 Adam Lent  
21 Nick Martini  
9 Joe McCarthy  
4 Matt Morio  
55 Steve Sawyer  
35 Mike Thompson  
13 John VanMiert  
24 Adam VanZutphen  
7 Alex Vincent  
5 Greg Whittaker  
69 Steve Wisman  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Win (9 - 7) vs Coopers View
Date: 5/18/2003 1:00p
Location: Kasche Park
No league summary available
Home Notes:
We continued on our roll and played well even without our starting defense. Unfortunately we didn't get the help we needed to make the playoffs. Hopefully our strong finish will carry over to next year.

Coopers record: 9-4-0
Crease Monkeys B record against Coopers: 1-1-0

Next Game
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