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Vashon (1-9-0)
Vashon Roster
# Player School Year Notes
38 Nick Amundsen Fr. 
34 Evan Anderson Fr. 
9 Anthony Baker So. 
8 Aaron Bomber So. 
4 Konnar Fall Jr. 
45 Asher Fenton Fr. 
26 Trevor Figgins Fr. 
18 Austin Ford Fr. 
46 Deven Forest Jr. 
7 Hart Heffelfinger Fr. 
40 Carson Hembree Sr. 
33 Luke Hembree Jr. 
42 Griff Jennings Fr. 
52 Nathan Jones Fr. 
12 Dan Lofland Jr. 
68 Jacob Ludberg Jr. 
57 Ian McWhirter Fr. 
44 Malcolm McWhirter Sr. 
6 Caz Mozeleski So. 
45 Roan O'Neill Fr. 
17 Charlie Penwick Fr. 
53 Ethan Rumberg Fr. 
15 John Smith Jr. Capt. 
22 Zach Stackhouse Sr. Capt. 
24 Marquis Stendahl Fr. 
21 Myles Weber Sr. 
10 Sam West Sr. Capt 
13 Will West Jr. 
25 Peter Wolczko Fr. 

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Loss (4 - 20) vs King's Way View
Date: 5/13/2011 6:00p
Location: Vashon HS
No league summary available
Home Notes:
Congratulations to King's Way on what has quickly become a very fine program.

Big congratulations to Vashon for this team sticking with it, staying together as a team and working hard through a challenging season. There are good days ahead for this fine group. Special thanks to our Seniors - Sam, Carson, Zach, Malcolm and Myles for giving so much to Vashon Lacrosse for 4 years.

King's Way record: 7-3-0
Vashon record against King's Way: 0-1-0

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