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ICON Roster
# Player Notes
36 Ian Bishop   (a)
7 Jeremy Boyle  
23 Michael Brown  
Patrick Brownfield   (sub)
2 Big Ray Caffrey   (a)
11 Little Ray Caffrey  
18 Jordan Fisher   (c)
37 Jake Girardin   (sub)
5 Jonathan Holston  
9 Lee Kanouff  
25 DJ Lindstrom  
17 Tommy Lynch   (sub)
10 JC Mosley   (sub)
41 Shaun Murphy   (sub)
3 Phil Murray  
72 Mike Pool  
20 Cory Reno   (sub)
33 Nick Rice   (g)
62 Joe Rogers   (sub)
69 Jerry Sabo  
16 Adam Setas  
6 Cody Willmart  
13 Josh Woodkowski  
15 Isaac Zike  

Team Contact Information
Type Coach
Head Jordan Fisher

Last Game
Sorry, no games played

Next Game
Sorry, no more games scheduled

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