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Baltimore Indoor Lacrosse League

Open Leagues
League Sport League Activity
2016 BILL Lacrosse Register Now! Individuals pay $185
2015 BILL Lacrosse Last Game: FIRST MARINER 12 at REBEL 10
2014 B.I.L.L Lacrosse Last Game: 1st Mariner 5 at Rebel 7
2013 BBLL Lacrosse Last Game: Parrot 6 at Rebel 9
2012 BILL Lacrosse Last Game: 1st Mariner Mortgage 12 at Pickled Parrot 13
2011 B.I.L.L. Lacrosse Last Game: 1st Mariner Mortgage 14 at Tricerat 4
2010 B.I.L.L Lacrosse Last Game: Team Rebel 3 at Pickled Parrot 7
2009 BILL Lacrosse Last Game: Pickled Parrot 5 at Smartlink 10
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