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Alameda Youth Basketball, Inc.

Alameda Youth Basketball, Inc. ("AYB"), is a non-profit organization that has been providing a recreational basketball league for the youth of Alameda, boys and girls, grades third through eighth, for 22 years. AYB's guiding mission and philosophy is to provide every child in Alameda, California, the opportunity to play recreational basketball. Our goal is to teach our children the concepts of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership and fair play. We are able to accomplish this with the support of countless volunteers who give their time for the benefit of our City's youth. This includes our Board members, coaches, officials and parents who recognize the benefits of our program and how much it has contributed to the welfare of our youth in this community.


Open Leagues
League Sport League Activity
AYB 2015-16 Girls 3rd&4th Grade Basketball Next Game: Phoenixes (Phillips - Red) at Royal Blues (Ottaviano - Royal Blue) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Girls 5th&6th Grade Basketball Next Game: Surla's Restaurant, Modesto Shock (Rebanal-Black) at Sparks (Misgun - Orange) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Girls 7th&8th Grade Basketball Next Game: White Tigers (Perez-Flores - White) at Matz Law Group Titans (Connor - Royal Blue) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Boys 3rd Grade Basketball Next Game: HobNob Restaurant Splashdown (Saum - Gold) at Capital Village Dental Sky Hawks (Dang - Grey) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Boys 4th Grade Basketball Next Game: Alameda Heat (Grant - Red) at Venom Strikers (Pero - Lime Green) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Boys 5th Grade Basketball Next Game: Cougars (Brown - Purple) at Vator Splash Brothers (Yep - Brown) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Boys 6th Grade Basketball Next Game: Gladiators (Rainey-Carolina Blue) at Shock 2.0 (Duenas - White) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Boys 7th Grade Basketball Next Game: Gold (Alcantar - Gold) at McGees Jump Men X (Eckard - Carolina Blue) (no score)
AYB 2015-16 Boys 8th Grade Basketball Next Game: Celtics (Good - Kelly Green) at Black Mambas (Stokes - Black) (no score)
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