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Marlins (3-11-0)
Marlins Roster
# Player Notes
Evan B  
Ezra B  
Jonah B  
Rudy H  
Alex M  
Kaelin M  
Oliver N  
Dean P  
Cameron S  
Leo S  
Reuben T  
Leo T  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (11 - 15) vs Red Sox View
Date: 6/2/2018 12:30p
Location: Krone Field
No league summary available
Away Notes:
Oliver. 23 (20th to last batter)
Wyatt. 19
Will. 17
Ronan. 36 (35th to last batter)
Sam. 50

Red Sox record: 10-3-1
Marlins record against Red Sox: 0-2-0

Next Game
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