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Pinnacle Pioneers 4A (10-7-3)
Pinnacle Pioneers 4A Roster
# Player Notes
21 Zachary Artymonow(SUB)   (sub)
28 Nicholas Ashmore  
81 Austin Cannon  
49 Evan Conlon  
39 Tanner Ferrandi  
36 Colton Franco  
60 Max Gregory  
71 Grant Grosskopf  
90 Elliott Grover  
53 Sam Hanson(SUB)   (sub)
96 Travis Hernbroth  
18 Seth Huff(SUB)   (sub)
80 Kevin Koehler  
37 Jeremy Kurek (G)(SUB)  
43 Beau Margeas (G)   (g)
30 Chase Mathews (G)(SUB)  
59 Bailey Naslund(SUB)   (sub)
77 Teran Porter  
79 Rob Schwartz(SUB)   (sub)
2 Brody Stiteler  
17 Connor Strege  
10 Nick Vogel(SUB)   (sub)
67 Dylan Wiffen  
62 Brenden Wiffen(SUB)   (sub)
32 Justin Wisner (SUB)   (sub)
00 Empty Net/ zBench  
25 Zack Ziegler  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Win (7 - 3) at Horizon Huskies 4A View
Date: 3/11/2012 4:20p
Location: Ice Den - Coyotes Rink
No league summary available

Horizon Huskies 4A record: 13-6-1
Pinnacle Pioneers 4A record against Horizon Huskies 4A: 1-3-0

Next Game
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