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New Player tryouts for the 2018 season of SFNABA will take place on Sunday, Feb 25th & on Sunday, March 11th at Rickey Henderson Field in Oakland. Both tryouts take place from 10am to 12:30pm.

There is a $20 refundable fee to try out for SFNABA. You may pay in check, cash, PayPal or Venmo when you arrive. Players who are drafted will have that $20 credited to their fees. Players who are not will have their tryout fee returned.

We set this fee in place to make sure that anyone who comes to try out is serious about wanting to play. When teams draft players that bail or that do not pay, the team loses $ and a draft pick, which is not good for the league or the team. Anyone drafted can/should expect to pay $350 for the season.

Rickey Henderson Field is located on 45th street between Telegraph and Webster and is just six blocks from MacArthur BART Station. The nearest address that'll get you to the field is 457 45th St, Oakland, CA 94609. Street parking is plentifully available nearby. Gates will open at 9am and tryouts will start promptly at 10. During the tryout all players will be given the opportunity to showcase skills at any/all of their positions and to pitch, catch, play defense, run and hit.

Upon your arrival at either tryout and before you step onto the field, you'll be asked to provide your current contact info, to sign a liability waiver and an agreement that if you fail or refuse to play for the team that drafts you, you will be deemed ineligible to play on any team in SFNABA for a period of two calendar years. For those of you trying out with a friend, you may request to be picked as a package and our managers are pretty good about making trades and deals to accommodate your requests, but in the end we do not -and cannot- guarantee that packages of two or more players will be picked together.

We will provide baseballs, bats and helmets and will have catcher's gear and other necessary equipment to borrow but each player should dress appropriately and bring a glove at the very least. There is a batting cage on site to take some warmup swings before your showcased batting practice round.

In case of inclement weather on the weekend of the tryout, please check our homepage ( or our Facebook page ( for updates.


A League Overview:

Established in 2001, San Francisco National Adult Baseball Association (SFNABA) is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier adult (18+) wood bat baseball league. We are a 501c7 non-profit organization affiliated with the National Adult Baseball Association out of Denver, CO.

We play a 20 game regular season (plus playoffs for teams that make it) from the end of March to the last weekend of July with playoffs in August. Opening day for the 2018 season is March 24th/25th. We have all major holiday weekends off with the exception playing on either the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend or the Saturday of Easter weekend. We play four sets of double headers during the course of the season. 70% of our games take place on Sundays, 20% on Saturdays and 10% on weeknights (with plenty of notice), though each manager does have license to express his team's preference and to request not to play on certain days.

Despite our name, SFNABA's fields are mostly outside of the city proper. We do play at a few city locations but it's been our experience that the field quality is not high in SF and that our members prefer to travel to play at better facilities. All of our fields are within 25 miles of SF. Several of our teams have 'home' fields and play at least 10 of their home games at one given field. Others do not and are assigned fields based on their requests and as availability permits. Most teams have players from both sides of the bay and carpooling to games is common.

The skill level within SFNABA ranges from high intermediate to advanced, as we have many, many ex college and professional players in our mix. If you never played hard-ball at at least the High School level before, this probably isn't the league for you. The mean age of our players is somewhere between 27 and 30. We do not have divisions for specific age groups, so everyone plays together. We do create a schedule where higher seeds play tougher schedules and lower seeds play slightly softer schedules to help promote the best possible competition and parody across the league. We have a 9-person Board of Directors that serves to keep things fair and to create the best possible experience for all involved.


Feel free to email with questions anytime!

We hope to see you on the field sometime soon!

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