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Red Hots (4-4-3)
Red Hots Roster
# Player Notes
Chloe Arth  
Lindsey Bittle  
Amanda Carter  
Heather Craft  
Jennie Himler  
Alison Monroe  
Emily Murphy  
Megan Murray  
Allison Pruden  
Mikayla Thomas  
Alexis Vannarath  

Team Contact Information
Sorry, Coach's Info not released for previous seasons

Last Game
Playoff Loss (3 - 4) at Wildcats View
Date: 6/9/2005 6:00p
Location: Farmwell Station MS Field #1
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Home Notes:
Terrific game played by both teams with all 6 innings played. Pitching was terrific for both teams and both teams were getting some hits. One of the best games we've had all season - guess that's the playoffs for you.

Wildcats record: 11-0-0
Red Hots record against Wildcats: 0-2-0

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