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Issaquah (10-4-0)
Issaquah Roster
# Player School Year Notes
14 Nate Allard Issaquah Senior  
0 Ty Anderton BCC/Issaquah Senior Swing 
29 Josh Bean Issaquah Junior  
10 Keagan Brown Issaquah Senior  
21 Jake Collins Issaquah Freshman Current - IR 
24 Jack Corscadden Issaquah Junior JV-Swing 
21 Henry Dees Issaquah Sophomore JV-Swing 
3 Kyle Densley Issaquah Freshman JV-Swing 
2 Derek DeYoung Issaquah Senior  
00 Jordan Dondyano Issaquah Freshman JV-Swing 
22 Chris Egland BCC/Issaquah Junior  
11 Ryan Egland Issaquah Freshman  
8 Zach Fritz Issaquah Junior  
4 Mikey Giannopulos Issaquah Sophomore  
24 Jordan Greenhall Issaquah Freshman Current - IR 
47 Brady Hahn Issaquah Senior  
9 Chad Klansnic Issaquah Junior  
1 Cody Klansnic Issaquah Freshman JV-Swing 
33 Gage Lenheim Issaquah Senior  
17 Jake Lindahl Issaquah Freshman  
26 McKinley Melton Issaquah Sophomore  
21 James Nelson Issaquah Junior JV-Swing 
12 Anthony O'Reilly Issaquah Sophomore  
34 Adrian Pydych Issaquah Junior  
44 Eric Rauch Issaquah Senior  
42 Josh Smith Issaquah Senior  
40 Matt Thomas Issaquah Junior  
32 Mitch Undi Issaquah Senior  
27 Conner Veitch Issaquah Senior  
23 Spencer Webb Issaquah Sophomore  

Team Contact Information
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Last Game
Playoff Loss (5 - 6) vs Mercer Island View
Date: 5/23/2013 7:30p
Location: Issaquah HS
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Home Notes:
Mercer 2-1-1-2- 6
Issaquah 0-1-3-1- 5

A well played Quarterfinal game between two very good teams and in the end the more well rounded team won out.

Mercer opened dominant on groundballs, patient and methodic on offense. They possessed the ball nearly 10 minutes of the first quarter and Issaquah was lucky to be down only 2.

Islanders extended to a 3-0 lead early in the second as they made the extra pass and Justin Rorem scored from a very tough angle. Issaquah finally established a touch of possession but struggled to crack the Mercer zone. Mikey Giannopulus was able to dodge the zone and dump a pass on the inside to Derek DeYoung and Issaquah broke the ice. The defense kept Mercer at bay allowing Issaquah to get into halftime still only trailing by 2 at 3-1.

3rd quarter has been a good one for Issaquah all year and tonight was no different... came out with some adjustments and the attack looked to buzz around a bit more to get the zone moving. After some quick movement, McKinley Melton was able to face dodge a wing and fire one home. Mercer got one right back as Steen Swedstedt scored his 2nd of the night, nearly identical to his first... sweep left. Issaquah responded almost immediately though with fairly similar plays of their own. Get the zone to shift, quick ball movement and MAtt Thomas fired back to back goals home, both on assists from Zach Fritz. 4-4 game into the 4th quarter.

Hayden Reisman broke the tie sneaking one by Brady Hahn but Zach Fritz responded almost immediately to tie it right back up. The game stayed even for a solid 5 minutes as both teams had patient chances and keepers made saves. With under 3 minutes the Islanders called on Swedstedt again. Again Issaquah was slow to slide on the lefty down the ally and he scored what would be the winning goal.

Under two minutes, Mercer tried to run out the clock but the Issaquah double was able to cause the turnover. Issaquah had a shot to tie with under a minute to play and got a good look but Benji Rothenberg made the save... Mercer cleared and ran out the final 20 seconds.

Mercer Island record: 13-1-0
Issaquah record against Mercer Island: 0-1-0

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