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Bellevue (11-5-0)
Bellevue Roster
# Player School Year Notes
15 Taylor Baruffi JR 
19 Curtis Batts SR 
13 Andres Blumer JR 
6 Andrew Braund SR  (c)
4 Jonah Crollard SR  (c)
21 Jack Gervais Soph 
25 Adam Guzek Soph 
20 Rusty Haehl Soph 
14 Asshkaan Jaberi JR 
24 Glustin Jenkins SR 
8 Nicolas Larrivee Soph 
9 Danny Lynn SR 
11 Jake Medwell JR 
2 Graham Murrary Sr 
23 Chris Mutzel Soph 
18 Drew Nordstrom JR 
17 Taylor Platt Jr 
22 Spencer Schmidt SR  (c)
7 Derek Soike SR 
3 Jeff Spengler Sr  (c)
5 Jordan Strasser JR 
1 Austin Zier Jr 

Team Contact Information
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Last Updated: 3/21/2006
Great game by both teams. A defensive battle with spectacular saves by Spencer Schmidt and Garrett Johnson. Kudos to Jeff Spengler (2 goals, 1 assist), who made a sensational behind the back assist to Andres Blumer on the fly to put the game away 5-3.
Thanks to the refs for a well called game; and to most of the fans for respecting the calls. Good luck Issaquah and thanks for a great game of lacrosse.

Last Game
Playoff Loss (5 - 6) vs Curtis View
Date: 5/11/2006 4:30p
Location: Bellevue HS
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Away Notes:
Curtis came out early and caught Bellevue off guard scoring 2 goals in less then 2 minutes. Bellevue tied it up going into the second with two late quater goals. Curtis hit the next 3 goals before Bellevue stole a clear and scored an open net goal. Bellevue hit the only goal in the 3rd to tie it up. Curtis scored on a fast break less than 2 minutes in the 4th. A defensive battle the entire 2nd half with Curtis comeing up with the upper end. This was a great fought battle and Bellevue is an excellent classy team. We stole this one from a very good team, but Curtis played with heart and hustle to make it happen. The Curtis Defense stepped up and THE GAME BALL goes to Jordan Yergler (attackmen) stepping in goal and making 20 huge saves with 11 comeing in the second half.
Congrats to Bellevue for a great season.

Curtis record: 8-8-0
Bellevue record against Curtis: 1-0-0

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