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Team Player # Pos Notes
A-level goalies (View) Chris Barnes A1 Extrminators
Larry Bay A2 ArmyMules
Dez Bennett A3 BattleBrew
Robert Bercovic A3
Dana Caron A2 Stingrays
Garrett Cone Rec
Matthew Costanza A
Brandon Darrow L35 Red
Michael DeKoning A3 Venom
Bo Dosh A2 Tappers
Rick Esparza A
Dave Foley A2 MartysMisfit
Ronnie Grohmann A3 Badgers
Charles Hauck A1 Bandits
JP Kidwell L35 Blue
Mark Kilbride A2 Yetis
Stephen Kilbride A2 Stingrays
Eric Lerner A1 CCCP
Thomas Lipton A2 Zombies
Mike Marien A1 Stars
Nicholas Myers A
Colin Ochs A1 Guinness
Tom Pollok A2 Yetis
Jenn Rast
Lee Rast A
Dave Redman Rec
Brandon Rhodes A3 Wolfpack
Phil Ritchey A2 Firestorm
Martin Sordo Rec
Nick Sourant A1 IceChiefs
Jason Williams A1 Gentlemen