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Fred Wilmot
 4/28/2003 6:29:00 AM
You guys should all start thinking about planning your summer Lacrosse while deadlines for sign-up are fast approaching. check out the summer page for camps and summer league. Don't leave your stick in the corner for the whole summer. Winners make committments, losers make promises; hard work makes you a champion.
 4/24/2003 10:38:00 PM
remember when mi beat lakeside 20-3 and held the ball for the entire 4 quarter ouch THAT hurts
Victor Rybachuk
 4/23/2003 8:44:00 PM
Ok heres the deal. the email addresses for the coaches do not work. i tried to send an email but was told the email address doesn't exist. i thought i was wrong so i tried a different coach and his doesn't work either. well if anybody could give me the correct email for the Curtis Coach, Jamie Gregerson, i would greatly appreciate it. please it's really important. Jamie if you read, this can you please give me what i asked for. i would greatly appreciate it. thanks alot.
 4/21/2003 3:39:00 PM
Reguarding the MI player who was hospitalized: I was the one who hit him, and i want to emphasize the fact that I was not trying to hurt him, and no one on Bellevue was happy to see a player down, despite how my teammate's post sounded. We all know that lacrosse helmets suck, and im pretty sure that was the cause of the injury. I have hit (and been hit) a lot harder than that wearing a football helmet and had no problems. LAX helmets are basically bicycle helmets with facemasks and are made for protecting against shots and slap checks, not 200lb defenders. We were all glad to hear that he is alright and will be playing again soon, and though the hit was clean and legal, i would like to apologize and wish him luck.
Jamie Gagnon
 4/21/2003 12:16:00 PM
What a hoot this message board has been to read! It's refreshing to see the volume of young interest there is for this great game we call lacrosse. But I have to admit, I'm a bit perplexed by the accusations of the Island boys "cheating" in the off-season. Trying to become a better lacrosse player, has everything to do with the amount of time and quality effort you put into your game away from the field. I find it disheartening, that the BI guys that are trying to better their game are being labeled. This sport needs all the exposure and support that it can get, and negativity towards the people that strive to make themselves and their sport better only detriments the big picture of lacrosse, which is to expand the sport as much as possible. Is it cheating, if you attend a summer camp that your coach is involved with? Is is cheating if you play a pick up game with your coach in the off season? I think not, it's called "a lacrosse player trying to better his or her game with experience". Don't take away something that's free to almost everyone, "the chance to play lacrosse". Signed, Jamie Gagnon, Member of the First Bainbridge Island Lacrosse team 1987.
the truth
 4/18/2003 1:03:00 PM
Remember when MI lost to Lakeside? Now THAT hurts.
Herman John
 4/18/2003 9:24:00 AM
Remember when MI scored 21 goals on Bellevue. Ouch, now that hurts.
Frank the Tank
 4/16/2003 12:11:00 PM
what's the story on the bainbridge nathan hale game????
Andy y#34
 4/15/2003 11:47:00 PM
These bellevue kids are way overrated, they need to start playing d-fense and scoring. I think that it is pathetic that hter is not on player from BHS on the scoring leaders. There has been at leats one bellevue player on that list for the last four years. Get into gear, and play some lax. stop listening to Steve he may have been coach of the year, but there is not good coach without a good team. Do this and you will go far.
Dan Wishengrad
 4/15/2003 10:25:00 AM
So, which of you high school laxxers have been admitted to U-Dub and plan on attending? I'd like to hear from incoming Husky Lacrosse Freshman to add you to our e-mail list. Please e-mail or phone me!

Dan Wishengrad, General Manager
Washington Lacrosse
 4/14/2003 1:41:00 PM
I still don't think you should talk about sending somebody to the hospital even if you are just trying to prove you are the best hitting team...
 4/14/2003 11:17:00 AM
Lacrosse is not all about hits, but sometimes it helps. 'Bellevue Lax' never said that it was cool that the kid from MI had to go to the hospital, we were all there, and it was scary. The main message was that the bellevue D can hit.