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Date Time   Gm Teams   Location Official(s)
Sun 8/5/2018 11:50a   1139 Bellevue Brawlers 3 at Crustaceans 9 IceComplex
3:40p   1140 The Plague 7 at Vipers 2 IceComplex VSM
Tue 8/7/2018 10:10p   1141 Bellevue Brawlers 1 at Vipers 0 Sandy Springs VSM
Wed 8/8/2018 8:30p   1142 Crusaders 5 at Misfits 6 (Overtime) Sandy Springs NEM
9:10p   1143 Crustaceans 3 at The Atlanta Reapers 1 Game originally scheduled for Aug  8 2018 10:10PM IceComplex JEL
Tue 8/14/2018 8:30p   1144 Vipers at Crusaders Sandy Springs VSM
10:10p   1145 Misfits at The Plague Sandy Springs NEM
10:50p   1146 The Atlanta Reapers at Bellevue Brawlers IceComplex JEL
Today is August 15, 2018
Sat 8/18/2018 3:40p   1147 Bellevue Brawlers at The Plague IceComplex JEL
4:15p   1148 Crustaceans at Misfits The Cooler (Red) HLD
6:00p   1149 The Atlanta Reapers at Vipers The Cooler (Red) VSM
Wed 8/22/2018 9:45p   1150 Misfits at Crustaceans The Cooler (Blue) JEL
10:10p   1151 The Plague at Bellevue Brawlers IceComplex
Sat 8/25/2018 12:45p   1152 Misfits at Vipers The Cooler (Red) VSM
2:30p   1153 Crusaders at Crustaceans The Cooler (Red) MJH
3:40p   1154 The Plague at The Atlanta Reapers IceComplex JEL
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