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Date Time   Gm Teams   Location Official(s)
Sun 1/14/2018 7:45p   1527 Redwings 6 at Cossacks 6 (ShootOut) The Cooler (Blue) ACS
8:45p   1528 Hitmen at Hellfish The Cooler (Red)
9:30p   1529 Whalers 2 at Cluster Puck 3 The Cooler (Blue) ACS
Today is January 19, 2018
Sun 1/21/2018 8:45p   1530 Hellfish at Cossacks The Cooler (Red) ACS
9:45p   1531 Redwings at Old Castle The Cooler (Blue)
10:30p   1532 Hitmen at Cluster Puck The Cooler (Red) ACS
Sun 1/28/2018 7:00p   1533 Hellfish at Old Castle The Cooler (Red) NEM
7:15p   1534 Cossacks at Cluster Puck The Cooler (Blue) SJM
8:45p   1535 Hitmen at Whalers The Cooler (Red) NEM
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