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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
vs LaxWorld Invitational Tournament
vs Mix-No-Pinny
vs Mix-Pinny
vs Mont/WWU
vs Rose City Championships (B-League)
vs WDIA NW Champ
vs WDIA NW Championships
vs Central Washington University
vs Univ of Oregon Club-B
vs University of Portland
vs Whitman College-B
vs Gonzaga University
vs Gonzaga University-B
vs Linfield Novices
vs Montana Womens
vs NW HS Regional Team
vs Univ of Oregon Varsity
vs UPS Varsity
vs Centenary
vs Claremont
vs Linfield
vs Redlands
vs U. Dallas
vs UPS
vs Barracuda
vs Blackfin
vs Breakaway
vs Cowichan Storm
vs Portland Winded
vs Portland Womens
vs Seattle Womens
vs Victoria Womens
vs Boise State University
vs Lewis & Clark College
vs Oregon State University
vs Pacific Lutheran University
vs Univ of Oregon Club-A
vs University of Washington
vs Western Washington University
vs Whitman College
vs Willamette University

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