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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
HS JV Division
vs Pacific Ridge Hockey Club(HS JV)
vs Redwood City Blackstars(HS JV)
vs San Diego Union Hawks(HS JV)
vs San Francisco Sabercats(HS JV)
vs Santa Barbara Ice Hawks(HS JV)
vs West Ranch Wildcats(HS JV)
HS Varsity - Pool #1
vs Capital Thunder(HS Varsity)
vs Newbury Park Panthers(HS Varsity)
vs Pacific Ridge Hockey Club(HS Varsity)
vs Santa Barbara Royals(HS Varsity)
vs SSAC- Don Wheaton(HS Varsity)
HS Varsity - Pool #2
vs Bow River Bruins(HS Varsity)
vs East County Outlaws(HS Varsity)
vs Poway HS(HS Varsity)
vs Tahoe Prep Academy(HS Varsity)
vs West Ranch Wildcats(HS Varsity)
Mite ADM (A) Div
vs Cupertino Cougars(Mite ADM A)
vs Los Angeles Jr. Kings(1)(Mite ADM A)
vs San Diego Saints(Mite ADM A)
vs Valencia Jr. Flyers(Mite ADM A)
Mite ADM B Division
vs Cupertino Cougars(Mite ADM B)
vs Santa Barbara Ice Hawks(Mite ADM B)
vs Valencia Jr. Flyers(2)(Mite ADM B)
vs Ventura Mariners(1)(Mite ADM B)
vs Ventura Mariners(2)(Mite ADM B)
Pee Wee A Division
vs Oakland Bears(Pee Wee A)
vs Santa Barbara Ice Hawks(Pee Wee A)
vs Santa Clara Blackhawks(Pee Wee A)
vs Valencia Knights(Pee Wee A)
Pee Wee B Division
vs Oakland Bears(Pee Wee B)
vs Santa Barbara Ice Hawks(Pee Wee B)
vs Valencia Thunder(Pee Wee B)
Squirt BB Division
vs Capital Thunder(Squirt BB)
vs Pasadena Maple Leafs(Squirt BB)
vs Santa Barbara Ice Hawks(Squirt BB)
vs Valencia Knights(Squirt BB)

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