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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
Division 3 Sun
vs AB's
vs Green Machine
vs Islanders
vs Patriots
Division 3 Wed
vs Gold
vs Greenrope
vs Outlaws
vs Rockers
vs Scorpions
vs Wolverines
Division 4
vs Avalanche
vs Destroyer
vs Ice Pack
vs Rangers
vs Sharks
vs Tron
vs Uprising
vs Windigos
Division 5
vs ACN
vs Bulls
vs Chiefs
vs Lightning
vs Road Rage
vs The Cheese
vs Waterfoul
vs Wipeout
Division 6
vs Blue Line Brawlers
vs Dumb Pucks
vs Flying Donkeys
vs Hooligans
vs Voodoo

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Note: Teams are displayed in alphabetical order.