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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
Bantam A
vs California Heat BTM A
vs California Wave (1) BTM A
vs California Wave (2) BTM A
vs Firebirds BTM A
vs Jr Reign BTM A
vs Nevada Storm BTM A
vs Oilers (SDIA) BTMA
vs SD Jr Gulls BTM A
Midget 16A
vs California Heat 16A
vs Oilers (SDIA) 16A
vs Saints Midget 16A
Mite B
vs California Heat Mite B
vs Mite B 3rd Seed
vs Mite B 4th Seed
vs Oilers (SDIA) (1) Mite B
vs Oilers (SDIA) (2)Mite B
vs Saints Mite B
PeeWee A
vs California Heat PWA
vs Nevada Storm PWA
vs Oilers (SDIA) (1) PWA
vs Oilers (SDIA) (2) PWA
PeeWee B
vs California Heat PWB
vs Firebirds 03 PWB
vs Firebirds PWB
vs Jr Reign PWB
vs Nevada Storm PWB
vs Penguins PWB
Squirt B
vs California Heat SQT B
vs Oilers (SDIA) (1) SQTB
vs Oilers (SDIA) (2) SQTB
vs Penguins SQTB
vs Santa Rosa Flyers SQTB
vs SD Jr. Gulls SQTB
Squirt BB1
vs Firebirds (DYHA) SQTBB1
vs Jr Coyotes 03 SQTBB1
vs Oilers SQTBB1
vs SD Jr Gulls SQTBB1
Squirt BB2
vs Jr Coyotes 03 BB2
vs Jr Coyotes 04 SQTBB2
vs Oilers (SDIA) BB2
vs SD Jr Gulls BB2

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