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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
Oshawa Division
vs Rain Contracting (White)
vs Solid Gold (Gold)
vs The Misconducts (Green)
vs True Grit (Dark Blue)
Pick/Scar Sun 'A'
vs Redmen (White)
vs The Mighty Drunks
Pickering -Tues
vs King Cobras
vs Oldies (maroon)
Pickering Thurs 'A'
vs A Town Snipers (black)
vs Brooklyn Blades (red)
vs Bulldogs (grey)
vs Molson Canadians (red)
vs Pickering Crabby Joe Dominators (black)
vs Road Dogs (green)
vs Warriors (red)
vs Young Guns (black)
Pickering Thurs 'B'
vs Canucks (blue)
vs Drillers (Dark Blue)
vs Kings
vs Oldies Thurs (maroon)
vs Pickering North Stars
vs TG Mighty Ducks (blue)
Pickering Wed 'A'
vs Ajax Wolves (grey)
vs Goon Platoon( red)
vs Roof Daddies(green)
vs Spades (white)
vs The Plugs
vs Thirsty Penguins
Pickering Wed 'B'
vs Black Hawks (black)
vs Bounty Hunters (blue)
vs Dukes (yellow)
vs Golden Boys
vs Purple Cobras
vs Victorious Secret
Pickering-Sun 'B'
vs Ajax Whalers
vs Bullets
vs Minivans
vs Pylons
vs Roadrunners
vs Titans
Scarboro Sun 'B'
vs Champain (Orange)
vs Herbivores (Green)
vs North Stars (Black)
vs One Hockey Team
vs Predators (Yellow)
vs Thunderchild (Blue)
Scarboro Thurs 'A'
vs Big Money (red)
vs Gary (white)
vs Good Old Boys(light blue)
vs Just the Tip (Orange)
vs Shockers (black)
vs Silverbacks (white)
Scarboro Thurs 'B'
vs 1 Eyed Jacks (black)
vs Broken Sticks (yellow)
vs Dudes (white)
vs Headshots
vs Rangers
vs Red Army (black)

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