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Head to Head Results
Team (click) Opponent Record Pt Differential
vs Bobcats - Webster
vs Cannonballs - Siu
vs Cheetahs - Clydesdale
vs Crazy Monkeys
vs Flaming Phoenixes - Hunt
vs Flesh Eating Plants - Zak
vs Golden Dragons - Irwin
vs Golden Eagles - KisieuMorgan
vs Jaguars - Padmore
vs Kickers - Lewis
vs NOCCS Sharks - Schonberg
vs Oakland Meteors - Burns
vs Pumas - Strandberg
vs RDS Cougars - Cost
vs Roasted Chickens - Fung
vs Shark Attack - Lauderdale
vs Sharks - Augus
vs Shooting Stars - Kleinmann
vs Strikers - Thompson
vs Thunder Dogs - Pennacchio
vs Thunderbolts - Haas
vs Tigers - Rodriguez
vs Transformers - Dye
vs West Oakland Seals
vs Wildcats - Bugaj
vs Wooping Pirates

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