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Game Summary
Result Baltimore Terrapins 3 at Newark Peppers 8
Team Pages
Scheduled 6/7/2018 4:30p Baltimore Terrapins
Location Ocean View Park Newark Peppers
Game Type Playoff
Game Summary There will be a pregame coin flip to determine the home and away team.
Team Summaries Newark Peppers Notes:
pitch counts
Antonio N 52 elig 6-10
Gabe S 53 elig 6-10
Franco D 36 (started last batter at 29) elig 6-9
Kalani B 4 elig 6-8

thanks for the sportsmanship, terrapins

Baltimore Terrapins Notes:
Congratulations Peppers

Terrapin pitch counts:

Cade F 35 (available March 2019)
Will O 30 (available March 2019)
Avi S 38 (available March 2019)
Will P 30 (available March 2019)