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Game Summary
Result Muckdogs 14 at Raptors 5
Team Pages
Scheduled 3/18/2018 9:00a Muckdogs
Location Robert Mason Field #2 Raptors
Game Type Normal
Official(s) Plate Umpire: Marc Cull
Base Ump 1: Solomon Cull
Base Ump 2: Assigned AA Lake Monsters
Game Summary Please see Team Summaries, below
Team Summaries Raptors Notes:
North Oakland LL Raptors AA watched the game slip away early and couldn't recover in a 14-5 loss to North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA on Sunday. North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA scored on an error, a walk by Schenk N, a single by Amir F, a single by Cecil C, and a walk by Ezra D in the first inning.
The North Oakland LL Raptors AA struggled to put runs on the board and had a tough time defensively containing North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA, giving up 14 runs.
North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA fired up the offense in the first inning. An error scored one run for North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA.
North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA scored five runs in the second inning. The offensive onslaught by North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA was led by Amir, Cecil, Ezra, Harrison N, and Justin L, all sending runners across the plate with RBIs in the inning.
Justin led things off on the rubber for North Oakland LL Muckdogs AA. He went one inning, allowing four runs on zero hits and striking out three.
Robert S got the start for North Oakland LL Raptors AA. He surrendered five runs on two hits over two-thirds of an inning, striking out one. Jack S, Lucas C, Indi M, and Hudson A each entered the game as relief, throwing one inning, one inning, one inning, and two-thirds of an inning respectively.
Lucas M led North Oakland LL Raptors AA with one hit in two at bats.

Muckdogs Notes:
No notes

Pitcher Stats
Muckdogs Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Ezra D 1 1.00 15 15.00
Justin L 1 1.00 40 40.00
Harrison N 1 1.00 17 17.00
Nicholas S 1 1.00 15 15.00
Niko S 1 1.00 20 20.00
Muckdogs Totals:  5 5 107
Raptors Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Hudson A 1 0.66 50 75.76
Lucas C 1 1.00 44 44.00
Indi M 1 1.00 21 21.00
Robert S 1 0.66 41 62.12
Jack S 1 1.00 26 26.00
Raptors Totals:  5 4.32 182