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Game Summary
Result Marauders 13 at Storm 6
Team Pages
Scheduled 3/10/2018 3:00p Marauders
Location Reservoir Storm
Game Type Normal
Official(s) Plate Umpire: Joaquim Reeves
Base Ump 2: Assigned AA Yard Goats
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Team Summaries Storm Notes:
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Marauders Notes:
The game went four innings and both coaching staffs seemed to appreciate that. The umoire, Joaquim, had an awesome attitude at the game and showed a lot of poise and confidence. The only thing he should work on is being vocal and calling time when he needs to adjust his equipment. We had 3+ no pitches in the game because of it, but neither team complained. We don't want Joaquim to get injured while adjusting his equipment during pitches. His mask was off at least twice. Joaquim has a deep passion for baseball and we hope to have Joaquim ump any of our games for the rest of the regular season. ~ King (Marauders)

Pitcher Stats
Marauders Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Elliot A 1 1.00 13 13.00
Ray F 1 0.66 39 59.09
Kian M 1 1.00 21 21.00
Isaac T 1 1.33 45 33.83
Marauders Totals:  4 3.99 118
Storm Pitchers GPIPPCPPI
Caden L 1 0.66 58 87.88
Charlie S 1 1.66 75 45.18
Theo S 1 1.00 41 41.00
Storm Totals:  3 3.32 174