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Pleasant Hill Baseball Association  >   2012 Boys American (9-10 yrs)  >   Game Summary

Game Summary
Result Tigers 13 at Phillies 9
Team Pages
Scheduled 5/5/2012 8:30a Tigers
Location Pleasant Oaks #1 Phillies
Game Type Normal
Official(s) Plate Umpire: Chris Puglisi
Base Ump 1: Steve Small
Game Summary Please see Team Summaries, below
Team Summaries Phillies Notes:
Attempted protest for ineligble pitcher for Tigers played over pitch count rules. We did not follow proper protest proceedure.

Tigers Notes:
No notes

Pitcher Stats
Phillies Pitchers GPPC
Eric B 1 22
Ethan B 1 50
Nicolas V 1 29
CJ W 1 25
Phillies Totals:  4 126
Tigers Pitchers GPPC
Jace D 1 27
Ben G 1 23
Danny L 1 51
jordan P 1 16
Tigers Totals:  4 117