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Game Summary
Result JUSTICE LEAGUE (Voisenat) 46 at Rob Platt Real Estate BALLERS 36
Team Pages
Scheduled 1/20/2008 3:00p JUSTICE LEAGUE (Voisenat)
Location Alameda HS, Old Gym Rob Platt Real Estate BALLERS
Game Type Normal
Game Summary The Justice League earned their fourth victory of the year behind the superlative play of Rory D’Alleva-Keane who had 14 points, five rebounds and four steals. The Justice league opened the game with a 10 – 0 run. However, by halftime, the lead was down to 5 points. With a total of 14 steals, they were able to convert on several fast breaks which allowed them to hold off the hard charging Ballers Cameron Fraser led the team with 10 rebounds while Michael Roche-Mendoza had six points and four steals. Marc Voisenat led all scorers with 17 points, including a three-pointer. Andrew Playsted chipped in four points and Nicholas Jaber also scored in the win. The Ballers had another strong performance by Sam Kunz who had 16 points and 14 rebounds. Other Ballers who stood out were Gabe Macalino with seven points and three rebounds, Alex Fernandez with four points three rebounds and three steals and Will Johnston with four points, four rebounds and a steal.

Shooter Stats
JUSTICE LEAGUE (Voisenat) Shooters GPPts
M Voisenat 1 17

Misc Stats
Player GPStlAstBlkRebRebDefRebOff
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