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2017 Official's Evaluation Form
The following contact info questions are required
Please use this form to evaluate game officials.

When asked to gives scores of 1-5, please use the following guide:

5= Exceeds Expectations
4= Consistently Meets Expectations
3= Meets Expectations
2= Below Average
1= Unsatisfactory Performance

If giving a score below 3, please make sure to also
provide specific, constructive feedback in comments
section below.
Q1. Date of Game
Q2. Home Team
Q3. Away Team
Q4. Name of Official Being Evaluated:
Q5. Rules Knowledge and Application (Score 1-5)
Q6. Judgement (Score 1-5)
Q7. Consistency (Score 1-5)
Q8. Control of Game (Score 1-5)
Q9. Professionalism (Score 1-5)
Q10. General Comments