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Sherwood Ice Arena

Open Leagues
League Sport League Activity
2017 Spring Shootout - 5v5 All Levels Draft Hockey Next Game: Maple Leafs at Blackhawks (no score)
2017 Spring Shootout - Silver B and Below Hockey Next Game: Drunken Masters at BLR Growlers (no score)
Spring 2017 - Labatt 35 and Over Hockey Last Game: Scion 8 at Molar Bears 4
Spring 2017 - 4v4 Hockey Last Game: Legion at Knights (no score)
Spring 2017 - Gold Hockey Last Game: Stars at Machine (no score)
Spring 2017 - Silver AA Hockey Last Game: Cascadians 8 at Pisten Bully 3
Spring 2017 - Silver A Hockey Last Game: Wings 8 at More Cowbell 4
Spring 2017 - Silver BB Hockey Last Game: Electronucks 3 at Stingrays 2
Spring 2017 - Silver B Hockey Last Game: Headhunters 3 at Phantoms 2
Spring 2017 - Silver C Hockey Last Game: Pacific Rink Co. Growlers 1 at Chiefs 0
Spring 2017 - Bronze Hockey Last Game: Crows 2 at Blue Knights 3
Summer 2017 - Labatt 35 and Over Hockey Next Game: Hunters at Labatts Blue (no score)
Summer 2017 - 4v4 Hockey Next Game: Caged and Confused at Rink Rats (no score)
Summer 2017 - Gold Hockey Next Game: Lagers at Stars (no score)
Summer 2017 - Silver AA Hockey Next Game: Jokers at Pisten Bully (no score)
Summer 2017 - Silver A Hockey Next Game: Stickmen at Moose (no score)
Summer 2017 - Silver BB Hockey Next Game: Purple Haze at Roc Stars (no score)
Summer 2017 - Silver B Hockey Next Game: Fallout at Headhunters (no score)
Summer 2017 - Silver C Hockey Next Game: Pacific Rink Co. Growlers at Ice Troopers (no score)
Summer 2017 - Bronze Hockey Next Game: Red Army at Blue Knights (no score)